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Customized Web/Software for finansial services proffession. Ingenious Solutions
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We have created proprietary software engineering for the development of a whole new generation of web-based programs. We call them "web-applications" and we have applied them squarely to the Financial Services profession.

The core of our "web applications" is using the Web for 100% of feature functionality. This allows the creation of dynamic user interfaces - they work very much like desktop programs but without downloads, installations or constant reloading of pages!

The speed and efficiency of our engineering is imperative for your Web site. Data transfer. Data crunching. Calculations. Charts. Reports. Client management. The faster the better. This is what Ter Net delivers.

How do we do it?

We employ DHTML, or client-side programming, in conjunction with sophisticated server-side programming and incredible XML flexibility. The endless potential of this marriage is what is proprietary to Ter Net and what is unknown to most developers.

As well, our engineers possess extensive knowledge in mathematics and have the expertise to handle almost any project. We are thoroughly skilled in C/C++, DHTML, XML, Java and other technologies.

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