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Customized Web/Software for finansial services proffession. Ingenious Solutions
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Our process & services
Our primary focus is software and web applications development for the Financial Services profession.

The process we follow depends on the complexity of your project. In general, we engage in a comprehensive dialogue regarding your project's depth and breadth. Once we have fully grasped your needs we compile a project cost estimate and a completion timeline.

We then proceed through clarifying negotiations. Once we're both on the same pinhead, we roll up our sleeves and create.

All projects are accompanied by constant communications regarding development. The project's ongoing technical decision-making process involves your project committee and/or your engineering staff (if applicable).

We consider our imaginative suggestions as a segment of our responsibility to you. After all, inventive development is our strength. If you want it done one way and we know a better way, we're obligated to let you know.

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